Arriving in the UK/Orientation!

First of all, I would like to apologize for not posting sooner. In between the large amount of jet lag that I had and the different things that I have been busy doing, I’ve been finding it hard to update this blog recently. Because so many things have happened within the last few days, this post will have what I did over the past few days.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday – Arriving in London

On Friday, at 6PM, I left Atlanta, Georgia for London, where I was supposed to meet the ISA contact. I was not able to get that much sleep because I couldn’t really incline my seat. I sat next to a nice lady from North Carolina at least.

When I got off the plane, I soon met with my coordinator, Tom, who told me general things about London and Glasgow. I stayed in a flat owned by ISA for the next few days. I was given a tour around certain parts of the city and got to see plenty of cool places like Parliament, Big Ben, Tower of London, and Tower Bridge. I got to see the changing of the guard and the Crown Jewels (which I don’t have any pictures of because photography isn’t allowed in that building), but probably my most favorite thing about the Tower of London was the dragon that was made out of weapons and armor.

Even though London was a great city, it has made me even more excited for Glasgow.

Monday – Friday – Coming into Glasgow and International Orientation

Early Monday morning, we boarded a train to Glasgow (getting up was not a fun experience since I did not get any sleep the night before). On the way, we got to see a bunch of the cool landscape leading to the country that I will be living at (even a double rainbow!). When we arrived in Glasgow, we took a taxi to my flat that I would be living in for this semester. I had met one of my roommates, but he was leaving for France right as I arrived, and he isn’t going to come back until this Saturday. I have had the whole room to myself up until a few days ago when my other roommates moved in (all of which are full time students).

The first event that I went to was the international orientation, where we were told much about the school, the city, and the country. It was very informative, and it only made me more excited to be here. However, as I was incredibly jet-lagged, I did not do that much that day.

That whole week, however, I have been doing a lot of things, such as a walking tour of the campus, a bus tour of the city, a day trip to one of Scotland’s lochs, Loch Lomond, and Dumbarton Castle, which had been used as a defensive outpost, and ceilidhs, which are Celtic dances involving large groups of people. I got to meet a bunch of people from other countries, including Brazil, China, Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, Poland, France, Greece, Finland, Spain, Germany, Turkey, and many other places. Everyone was very friendly, likely because we were all in the same position of being in a foreign country. Meeting other people who were in the same position that I was in was definitely helpful in adjusting.

Saturday – Present – Fresher’s Week

This week is Fresher’s week, which is a combination of new student orientation and the involvement fairs along with many things to meet other people. Here I have been able to meet people from Scotland and the rest of the UK. Even though there were a lot of clubs that were similar to the ones at McKendree, having them around is always a good sign because it helps me find ways to connect with other people, and I hope to make many new friends from these groups.

Because the rest of Fresher’s week is undefined, I think I am going to stop here for now. I want to figure out a routine for posting, but it’ll probably be difficult right now because of the events that are going on, but I should be able to figure it out when classes start up. In the meantime, feel free to ask me anything about my experience so far. I will be happy to answer them!





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2 responses to “Arriving in the UK/Orientation!

  1. Danny,
    So glad to hear that you are meeting students from all over the world! Isn’t it cool that you are now serving as a worldwide ambassador for McKendree University? Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with us.
    Dr. Bahr

  2. Sarah Klucker

    so happy to finally see a new post here…sorry it took me so long to review! We are thrilled that you are there safe and sound and that you’ve been able to see so many amazing things already. I want to read more about your travels Danny and about your classes now that you’re in them! Things here are going well, we had our first Study Abroad Day and we were bragging about you being there the whole time. A LOT of interest in Scotland, so people will be very happy to be able to hear from you when you return. The academic schedules were just emailed out to students so you’ll want to be sure to check your mck email so that you can start planning for your classes when you return to us next semester. We miss you here and hope you remembered to pack bogey!! Post some pictures for those of us who are stateside and bored!

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