Oh, the things I will learn!

Feasgar math!

It has been three weeks since classes have started here at Glasgow, so I wanted to take a moment to talk about them as well as post some photos that I have been neglecting to post.

Because of how the university is set up, I do not have to take as many classes as in the states; as such, this semester, I am only taking four classes. However, that does not mean that I have a whole lot of free time, as all but one of my classes have seminars or tutorials, which is where I get to apply many of the things that I learn from the lectures. Meaning that it is probably smart to read over things that you learn before a seminar.

The particular classes that I am taking this semester are:

Celtic Civilisation: This class is about the Celtic peoples and how they lived, particularly their relationships with other civilizations, namely the Roman Empire. Because the Celts did not have as much of a written history as many other civilizations, much of our knowledge of them is based on what Rome, which has had a particularly complicated relationship with the Celtic peoples, has written about them. Consequently, this has lead to many stereotypes and misconceptions about the Celts that require analyzing. It is incredibly interesting because it gives a different perspective about the Celts that many people are not aware of. It tells of how the Celts are way more complex than the fierce warrior stereotype that they have been given.

Gaelic: This class teaches Scottish Gaelic, one of Scotland’s languages (alongside English and Scots). It is a very challenging language to learn as far as pronunciations are concerned, but learning the language of the country (whether or not I will get to use it very frequently) is still a very exciting experience.

Exploring Scottish Culture: In this class, I learn about the culture of Scotland and how England has played a direct influence in their development. Aspects such as national heroes and how they are portrayed vs. how they actually were (ie. William Wallace) and the prominent literary figures of the time.

Professional Skills: This class is about utilizing the things that I have learned in Psychology, namely the ways I can sell my qualities for a job in Psychology. It involves writing a portfolio where I examine myself and figure out how I can improve my career prospects. (Hey, I had to have one class that was busy work!)

So those are the classes that I am taking right now. It is a huge variety (although most of them are relevant to Scotland in some way), and I am really interested in seeing all of these classes through and what I can learn through them. Even though going to class every day may not be as exciting as traveling across Europe or the UK, having some great classes should be a good consolation.

Until next time,


P.S. My next blog entry is going to be about the Isle of Skye trip from this weekend. I will post about that later this week. 🙂


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  1. Sarah Klucker

    so happy to see another post from you. I think these classes sound really interesting Danny and I can’t wait to hear a few “Gaelic” words from you! You forgot to post pictures though! I want to see what you’re seeing there! I also fully expect to see some amazing images from the Isle of Skye trip! so proud of you and happy that you’re having this experience there. I can’t wait for you to get home and tell us all about it!

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